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The last born of the line "Basik" allows for  certain practices such as wakeboarding, kitesurfing, windsurfing,   the jetski,  drip  and dry  his impact vest  in addition to its combination!  LAMPROA Basik Combo suit and vest hanger  To  summer  made up  in the simplest way possible. 

  An aluminum bar fitted with a suction cup to attach to smooth surfaces such as bodywork, windows, tiles, etc. Its handle allows to multiply the solutions of attachment, on the branches of trees and others.




- main materials: aluminum and abs

- pullout force:  about 7 kg


(We advise not to exceed

5 kg load for one hold  effective

on a smooth and clean surface)


Made in our workshop in Bordeaux

LAMPROA Basik Combo Hanger wetsuit

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